OUR ROOMS Chateau Fort Sedan

Hotel in Sedan

In the largest medieval castle, live the Prince and Princess life. Calmness, serenity for an unforgettable stay


Unique Rooms in the Heart of France’s Favorite Monument 2023

Experience the Château Fort in a different way…

52 rooms and suites offering modern comforts while preserving the inimitable character of a Château Fort. Each room offers a breathtaking view of the castle’s majestic courtyard, while our suites overlook the city.

Immerse yourself in history by staying at the Résidence des Princes de Sedan, located in Europe’s largest Château Fort. A unique experience awaits you, combining tradition and refinement.

The Hôtel le Château Fort Sedan, welcomes you to a remarkable heritage, established 6 centuries ago, which expresses the power of medieval architecture. Each stone tells its own story, making your stay an immersion in the past.

Our friendly team will make sure your stay is a peaceful one. Enjoy our exceptional hospitality while discovering the charms of this place steeped in history.

Exceptional cuisine at Restaurant La Principauté :

Chef OLIVOT creates an unforgettable culinary experience at Restaurant La Principauté, featuring seasonal cuisine and fresh produce.

A stay at Château Fort Sedan will become your story within a story, leaving behind an unforgettable memory.


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